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About us


New Zion Missionary Baptist Church was organized in 1901.

Our mission is to exalt Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and to lead all people into a life changing, ever growing relationship with Him.


We honor Jesus Christ as our head by upholding these core values and we seek Him through prayer to engage His heart, discover His will, accomplish His purpose and experience His power.


•Proclaiming His Word - As a Christ-centered fellowship, we affirm the preaching and teaching of The Bible, God's Holy Word. (II Timothy 4:1-5)


We strive to be a church where the power of God's Word transforms lives.  Accomplished by effective biblical proclamation that includes dynamic preaching, dedicated teaching, and life application teaching is the goal. The church strives to be a place where believers demonstrate obedience to Scripture as we diligently pursue personal growth and actively participate in Christ-centered ministry. The goal of the church is to communicate and defend biblical values through traditional and new, innovative and creative methods.


•Worshiping in His Name - As a Christ-centered fellowship, we desire to encounter the living, almighty God through the experience of authentic worship. (Psalm 150:1-6)


We strive to be a church that engages God in meaningful worship. Because worship is the deepest expression of our relationship with God, we will seek to connect with Him through authentic, creative, inspiring opportunities to interact with Him. We will respond to God's grace in our lives with our whole heart, as we worship in spirit and in truth.


•Connecting within His Body - As a Christ-centered fellowship, we accept, love, trust and respect one another, encouraging relationships that build a strong community of faith. (Romans 12:5)


We will strive to be a church in which loving relationships permeate every aspect of church life. We desire to be a unified Christ-led, Holy Spirit empowered church, where love flourishes through our care for one another. We will be a church where people love and are loved; accept and are accepted; encourage and are encouraged; forgive and are forgiven; serve and are served; shepherd and are shepherded. We will strive to treat others with respect, and will support and hold one another accountable in love.


•Serving His People - As a Christ-centered fellowship, we demonstrate love and obedience to our Lord, touching lives by offering compassion and help to those in need. (Luke 10:27)


We strive to be a church that nurtures and encourages those who are in need. We will actively and intentionally discover and meet needs within and beyond the church. We will help people of all ages discover their calling into ministry and empower them to serve Christ effectively throughout the world.


•Reaching His World - As a Christ-centered fellowship, we honor the authority of Jesus Christ in obedience to the Great Commission by sharing the Gospel with all people. (Matthew 28:19-20)


We strive to be a church that has a passion and a plan for reaching the world. We strive to become a church that embraces a multifaceted approach to evangelism that includes local, national, and international partnerships and outreach. We will equip and encourage believers to be eager share the gospel in daily life. We will boldly proclaim the truth of the gospel and lovingly demonstrate the grace of the gospel.

Church Vision statement

Striving to be “A place where everyone is welcomed” to receive the Word of God for his people.

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